Firmware 4.02 pro NUE-PSK

Právě byla uvolněna nová verze firmware pro NUE-PSK modem. Seznam opravených chyb je uveden níže (v originálním znění):

Release Notes v4.02
  (*** indicates bug fix)

    •    Fixed restart problem by making sure CPU interrupts are enabled.
   •    Cleaned up splash screen
   •    Got rid of saving response and beeping in PutUartChar.
   •    Changed PC Boot Loader back to initial.
   •    Changed init to immediately display version line.
   •    Delayed start of RTCC display to avoid displaying default date
   •    Blocked T4 interrupt when incrementing RunRTCC to increase accuracy when no RTCC hardware.
   •    Bracketed splash screen version line with ‚<‚ and ‚>‘.
   •    Reduced the splash screen duration by 2 seconds.
   •    Fixed bug in Acquire causing address error when End pressed in Tx mode.***
   •    Show the CW pass band on the tuning display (new feature).
   •    Cleared overrun error before looking for response during download config.***
   •    Fixed address error when excess characters are entered for MYCALL or THEIRCALL.***
   •    Restricted CW mode tuning to maximum of 1500 Hz and mode change to CW mode.
   •    Restricted serial number to range of 1 to 999 regardless of EEPROM value.
   •    Disabled tuning when in transmit mode to avoid address errors.***
   •    Moved NUE-PSK and USB Ver. lines to top of LCD display
   •    Accept and display a version number from the RTCC PIC firmware. (Inserted in unused date and time bits)
   •    Fixed serial number operation in RTTY mode.***
   •    Reduced RAM usage by marking canned strings as constant and by moving some global variables to local
   •    Declared pADC_Buffer as a static variable and eliminated using malloc and free.  Also eliminated the heap
   •    Changed/fixed beacon operation so beacon interval can be changed while running.
   •    Partially fixed back space problem in non-CW mode (see below).
   •    Fixed back space problems when backspacing onto line 6 & limited backspacing to lines 6 and 7.
   •    Limited CW speed to between 5 and 50 WPM.
   •    Made sure EEPROM contains „de “ in front of MYCALL. ***
   •    Added Ctrl-Z to terminate entering MYCALL and THEIRCALL.
   •    Fixed Ctrl-L function to properly clear the test display and the LCD buffer.***

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